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> > > Has anyone got any praise, or horror stories, for any one particula=
> > > model?
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> > The BT Speedway (rebadged AVM Fritz!PCI) cards are cheap (=A350 in PC=
 World or
> > BT Shops) and quite good (although can occasionally wegde my NT box),=

> > however I don't currently use one with FreeBSD. Teles cards seem quit=
e good,
> > I currently use an aging Teles S0/8 with no problems at all under
> > 3.3-Release.
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> We exclusively use the Teles card (and gave one to Brian for ppp
> support ;).  It's not a T/A though.  Almost any T/A should work
> fine with FreeBSD, although you'll need to pick one that does the
> rate adaption protocol for the ISP that you're going to connect
> to.  Most ISPs support V.120 (Ascend kit does this), but some may
> only support the V.110 adaption type.  A good T/A to buy would be
> one that supports both, like the BT Ignition (a rebadged Motorola
> Bit-Surfer)

Well, I know it's not what was asked, but I got a Diva TA with the =

aim of hanging a regular modem off of one of the two analogue ports =

and playing at receiving faxes.

I had some problems recently (due to the teles card conflicting with =

my second IDE controller on the same box - ata wouldn't have any of =

it) and used the TA for a while.  I had 3 ``wedges'' where the tty =

output queue (TIOCOUTQ) ended up with some data that wasn't going =

anywhere resulting in the descriptor never select()ing and ppp(8) =

sitting there watching it indefinitely.

I wouldn't recommend the Eicon Diva TA for a serious setup although =

it does some nice things - such as negotiation MP when the caller =

isn't looking....

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