pppd filtering (was Re: BIND/login question)

Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Fri Jan 28 01:41:05 GMT 2000

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> > What follows won't help the hangs, but should help with the 
> > dialups.  It
> > is the filtering rule set I use on (one of) my boxes.
> Thanks for the info - I had a look into doing this a couple of years back
> but fixed the problem (sendmail) before I got round to it.  Mind you, if I
> were to do it now, I'd have to revise my habits - I tend to use 'ping
> fkjdskfhs' to check my mail <g>
> ...
> > This works fine with a collection of FreeBSD boxes connected to the
> > machine with the modem.  Windows appears to generate other traffic,
> > which has the effect of keeping the line up once its gone up.  As I
> > don't use Windows much, my solution is to close down or 
> > disconnect such
> > machines from my network once I've done with them.  Easier 
> > than finding
> > out what Windows is up to and enhancing the filtering rules.
> Amen.  My work NT laptop insists on doing some sort of wierd WINS rubbish
> which caused lookups all over the place when plugged in to my home box until
> I sorted it :-(
> I'd still love to know what the hell's going on with the lookups though :-)

The marvels of Windows.  Block traffic to/from ports 13[789] from 
your dialup and you should be ok - either using ``set filter'' in 
ppp(8) or ipfw(8).

But hey, that won't necessarily sort it out - I still have a DNS 
entry of

jspnrmptgsbssdir        IN      A

since the days when I had a Win95 box on my network !  Go figure.

> Dave

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