pppd filtering (was Re: BIND/login question)

Goddard, David David.Goddard at cognos.com
Wed Jan 26 23:25:46 GMT 2000

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> From: Adrian Wontroba [mailto:aw1 at stade.co.uk]
> Sent: 26 January 2000 00:26
> What follows won't help the hangs, but should help with the 
> dialups.  It
> is the filtering rule set I use on (one of) my boxes.

Thanks for the info - I had a look into doing this a couple of years back
but fixed the problem (sendmail) before I got round to it.  Mind you, if I
were to do it now, I'd have to revise my habits - I tend to use 'ping
fkjdskfhs' to check my mail <g>
> This works fine with a collection of FreeBSD boxes connected to the
> machine with the modem.  Windows appears to generate other traffic,
> which has the effect of keeping the line up once its gone up.  As I
> don't use Windows much, my solution is to close down or 
> disconnect such
> machines from my network once I've done with them.  Easier 
> than finding
> out what Windows is up to and enhancing the filtering rules.

Amen.  My work NT laptop insists on doing some sort of wierd WINS rubbish
which caused lookups all over the place when plugged in to my home box until
I sorted it :-(

I'd still love to know what the hell's going on with the lookups though :-)


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