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On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 03:46:18PM -0000, Wood, Richard wrote:
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> > Has anyone got any praise, or horror stories, for any one particular
> > model?
> The BT Speedway (rebadged AVM Fritz!PCI) cards are cheap (£50 in PC World or
> BT Shops) and quite good (although can occasionally wegde my NT box),
> however I don't currently use one with FreeBSD. Teles cards seem quite good,
> I currently use an aging Teles S0/8 with no problems at all under
> 3.3-Release.

We exclusively use the Teles card (and gave one to Brian for ppp
support ;).  It's not a T/A though.  Almost any T/A should work
fine with FreeBSD, although you'll need to pick one that does the
rate adaption protocol for the ISP that you're going to connect
to.  Most ISPs support V.120 (Ascend kit does this), but some may
only support the V.110 adaption type.  A good T/A to buy would be
one that supports both, like the BT Ignition (a rebadged Motorola

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