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> Glancing through the Handbook, I can see a number of ISDN terminal
> adapters ("ISDN modems") are listed as being compatible.
> Has anyone got any praise, or horror stories, for any one particular
> model?

I have 2 ISDN boxes.
1) External Hayes Accura ISDN TA. Great. Fab. Fantastic.
2) Internal BT ISDN card. Actually a rebadged Fritz PCI card.

First I bought the BT PCI card.
We set up i4b. It was happy.
But i4b does not support v.110

i4b supports some voice apps, but the main use is

I wanted to support a dial-up line (for a standard text shell)
using ISDN on my FreeBSD box and a Mobile Phone on a laptop.
The Mobile Phones all support v.110 or v.120.

So, we set up the Hayes as an external modem (it has a full AT command
and now I can dial in and get a shell account open in 3 seconds
from the laptop.

The Hayes is 199 pounds in PC World. Expensive, but it avoids all the
i4b setup and works with v.110/v.120


v.110 is more like your traditional modems where
one modem can connect to another effectivly giving
you a long serial cable via the phone line.

Ok, we bought the BT PCI Internal ISDN TA.
It is just a rebadged Fritz PCI card (infact the nice man at BT tech
support confirmed this for me before I parted with cash).

i4b worked with it. However I abandoned it after just a day.

I was actually dialing up from a Mobile Phone (I work
with Orange) and wanted to establish a dial up connection.

And I wanted to establish a ascii connection, not PPP over ISDN.
So, for that I needed to use v.???  (110 or 120 I think)
i4b does not support v110 or v120 at this time.

So, I bought a 199 pounds Hayes External ISDN TA.
It plugs into a COM port.
It works great.

You do not need i4b installed.
It just appears like an external modem.

I can dial up to it from my mobile phone, and get a log in

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