BIND 8.2.2-P5 is a pain!

Richard Smith rdls at
Sun Jan 23 22:49:17 GMT 2000

Jonathan Belson wrote:
> Maybe I was thinking of rc.local from NetBSD....

We have an rc.local too :-) It's just not created by default anymore.

> We have dial on  demand on our system at work, and it spends most of
> the time connected - out 'phone bill is in the region of several thousand a
> year.

Same here, and unusable at lunchtimes :-) 

> Did you register to betatest Demon's ADSL trials?

No chance. We are located between Birmingham and Bristol, BT won't be
bringing it anywhere near us anytime soon. Hopefully it won't take them
too many years to roll out nationwide availability, and we can but hope
that fixed IP addresses will also be available by then.


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