BIND 8.2.2-P5 is a pain!

jon jon at
Sun Jan 23 15:01:55 GMT 2000

On 22-Jan-00 Richard Smith wrote:
> I've just upgraded to 3.4-RELEASE which upgraded BIND to the infamous
> 8.2.2-P5.
> In the past, I've managed to get bind, ppp, and sendmail to live happily
> together and only use the phone when I told them to. That is:- ppp would
> dial on demand, but bind would satisfy all sendmails dns requests during
> boot time using local name tables.
> Not with 8.2.2-P5, this version of bind insists on pinging the uplink
> nameservers on startup. I've looked at the ISC mailing list and the
> general response is "tough, that's how it's done now".

Funny, I've just gotten the same problem - I put the
'ppp -alias -auto demon' line in my rc.conf (is this the best place?)
but when I boot the machine, it dials then cuts the connection almost
straight away.

Another annoying thing is connections that just don't want to die.
After I visit eg. Hotmail my server and one of their servers insist on
bouncing packets back and forth so the line can take quite a while
to drop.

Since I intend the machine to be autodialing when I'm not here I
want to be sure it won't run up a huge 'phone bill for me.  Is there
any way to stop this frivolous packet-bouncing?



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