BIND 8.2.2-P5 is a pain!

Richard Smith rdls at
Sat Jan 22 00:42:44 GMT 2000

I've just upgraded to 3.4-RELEASE which upgraded BIND to the infamous

In the past, I've managed to get bind, ppp, and sendmail to live happily
together and only use the phone when I told them to. That is:- ppp would
dial on demand, but bind would satisfy all sendmails dns requests during
boot time using local name tables.

Not with 8.2.2-P5, this version of bind insists on pinging the uplink
nameservers on startup. I've looked at the ISC mailing list and the
general response is "tough, that's how it's done now".

I've temporarily fixed the problem by using an empty forwarders clause
so it can't find any uplink nameservers, and added demon's name caches
into resolv.conf below, which works fine while I'm sat at this
machine, but won't be much use when I try to use this machine as a

It's late, I hope I'm making sense, any suggestions would be

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