Setting the time on a dial-up

Brian Somers brian at
Fri Jan 21 00:03:07 GMT 2000

> > Nik Clayton wrote:
> > 
> >> There are a couple of other machines on the same network, and I'd like
> >> them to sync their time to the dial up machine.
> > 
> > man timed
> sorry, I guess I was a little too quick answering that. :-) timed will
> not help of course if you have Windows PCs or anything, I'm not sure how
> widespread it is among other unixen.... But it works nicely for FreeBSD,
> which is all that matters really.
> you'll need something like:
> master: (i.e. machine running ntpdate)
>  # timed -F `hostname`
> slaves: (if you want any)
>  # timed -M
> the rest:
>  # timed
> on the master, you'll probably also want to look at the -i option and
> an entry in /etc/services, or an ipfw rule, to stop the time being
> broadcast to your ISP (which may possibly bring the line up).

If you have more than one FreeBSD box, the Windows box can use one of 
these non-master nodes to sync their time.  This is what I use 
(except I don't have my windows box (who now thinks it's Jan '98!) 
syncing at the moment).

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