Setting the time on a dial-up

Ben Smithurst ben at
Thu Jan 20 19:56:36 GMT 2000

> Nik Clayton wrote:
>> There are a couple of other machines on the same network, and I'd like
>> them to sync their time to the dial up machine.
> man timed

sorry, I guess I was a little too quick answering that. :-) timed will
not help of course if you have Windows PCs or anything, I'm not sure how
widespread it is among other unixen.... But it works nicely for FreeBSD,
which is all that matters really.

you'll need something like:

master: (i.e. machine running ntpdate)
 # timed -F `hostname`

slaves: (if you want any)
 # timed -M

the rest:
 # timed

on the master, you'll probably also want to look at the -i option and
an entry in /etc/services, or an ipfw rule, to stop the time being
broadcast to your ISP (which may possibly bring the line up).

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