How do I upgrade from KDE 1.1.1 to 1.1.2?

David Marsh drmarsh at
Tue Jan 18 22:31:51 GMT 2000

On 17-Jan-00 Richard Smith wrote:
> David Marsh wrote:
>> Do I still have to download the skeletons for all the other kde* ports
>> and install them by hand? I had thought that the point of this port was
>> to do all that for you, or am I sadly mistaken?
> This is a non authoritative answer, but...
> There are two potential problems here. 
> i) The meta port is dependent on the presence of the executable, _any_
> version, so you must uninstall _all_ the components of 1.1.1 first. The
> meta port can't do this for you, use `pkg_info -Ia | grep -i kde' to
> list them all and `pkg_delete' as root to remove them.

Somewhat annoying, but I did this :-)

> ii) The ports tree directory names for the components of 1.1.1 and 1.1.2
> are the same, so unless you manually upgrade each component's skeleton,
> the old version is going to get reinstalled.

Did this too (as also pointed out by Roger). It's a shame the 'meta-port'
can't do this bit for itself, too..

> Isn't upgrading a major hassle :-)

It certainly is!

I sat back for a long evening's downloading last night, fetched everything,
tried to make the port, and then discovered that the odd bit of the
compilation failed here and there.. (memory problems, I think, but that's
my shonky cheapo machine for you..)

So, yet another long download just to fetch the packages anyway <shrug> :-(

So, I am now finally running KDE 1.1.2, but I can't seem to save out my
preferred default setup as a theme (only some parts seem to be saved - the
rest flip back to the KDE defaults, boo..), so I'm not sure if I gained
much.. (Only 'Colors' and 'Window Border' are shown as 'available' despite
my having changed a lot of the other settings too..)

Still, I'll have a peek around, I might find something I
like better there :-)



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