ppp -alias with Win98 PPTP

Steven Fletcher flec at flec.co.uk
Sun Jan 9 14:58:12 GMT 2000

Hi all;

I've got a configuration at home where ppp is running -alias & -auto for
a small network here, and I'm wanting to create a VPN to a server at our
office. When bypassing the FreeBSD box (i.e, creating a Win 98 dialup
connection & connecting directly), I can then run on top of that the VPN
connection to our server and all works fine.

However, behind the FreeBSD box here I can't get a connection. tcpdump
shows "gre-proto-0x880B (gre encap)" trying to escape via tun0, but
nothing comes back at any level (further indicated by RD light on the

Does ppp support gre with -alias? (I've read about it being able to
support filtering in 3.4-R, but I'm running 4.0-19990806-C). I *think*
that I might need to use "alias pptp" here, where is the Win 98 box and is the freebsd gateway.

I'd appreciate any assistance here.

Many thanks!

Steven Fletcher
stevenf at shellnet.co.uk

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