setting up networking

Richard Smith rdls at
Sun Jan 9 12:07:38 GMT 2000

joseph_b at wrote:
> To whom it may concern
> I have installed freebsd 3.4 and I am having difficulty networking the machine.
> I can ping and telnet to the other machines on my network from my FreeBSD machine 
> but the other machines cannot see my FreeBSD machine.

It sounds like your 90% there. If 'A' can ping 'B', then I can think of
no reason why 'B' should not be able to ping 'A'.

If by `see' you are referring to the `network neighbourhood' of a
windows machine, then it definitely will not be able to `see' the
FreeBSD machine, as FreeBSD does not run windows networking by default.
If this is the problem, the solution may be to install samba and/or
sharity_lite from the ports collection.


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