Tv Card questions...

Richard J. Pontefract richard.pontefract at
Thu Jan 6 16:19:11 GMT 2000


I'm assuming that you are in the UK, have set the tuner to PAL format, and
have set the channels correctly.  I don't think that your machine is a
problem as I use fxtv perfectly on a P133 with 64MB RAM and an 8MB Matrix
MGA card.  In order to get the best performance, the whole fxtv window needs
to be uncovered and wholely on the screen.

Do you get a picture of any sort?  What colour depth do you run your
X-Server at?  What frequencies do you have the tuner set at? Is the card
recognised correctly?  What version of the kernel are you using?

If you want me to help on this one, I'll do what I can.  I currently use a
Miro PCTV bt848 based card with a Temic tuner.  But I used to use a Hauppage
bt878 based card until I gave it to a friend of mine in a fit of generosity.

Do you have a composite video source?  If so, does that give you a picture?
If not I can mail you the source to a noddy program that I wrote to grab
single frame from composite video to a jpeg and see if it is a card problem
or an X problem.

Best of luck.


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