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Helen McCall helen at
Sat Jan 1 17:09:12 GMT 2000

Hello Brent,

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Brent L Johnson wrote:

> 3H controllers.. and from what I can tell FreeBSD doesnt find the 3H
> straight from the 3.4-RELEASE CD installation.
> Any ideas?  If not, I'll have to give RedHat Linux a try and see if it will
> support it...

I wouldn't reccommend RedHat. The latest version 6.1 is known to have a
broken installer. If you want to try Linux I would suggest going for
either SuSe now, or waiting until February and trying the latest version
of Debian which is scheduled for release then. Debian 2.2 "Potato" will
be frozen tomorrow 2nd Jan, and so will be the most uptodate and
comprehensive Linux distribution available.

Happy New Year,

Helen McCall

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