Happy new year

Ben Smithurst ben at scientia.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 1 02:22:59 GMT 2000

Josef Karthauser wrote:

> Same here... although we appear to have lost a radio tranmitter at
> 23:50, and a chunk of network :(  I can't get in to fix it because
> there are thousands of people milling around in town, and bands and fireworks,
> and they've shut the roads down!.

I can say that your cvsup server is still running nicely. :-) I must be
absolutely insane to try to download the entire CVS repository (well,
src only, but I guess that's the main part of it) over a 56K modem, but
I'm getting there... slowly... [6K/s, doesn't seem bad considering I
only connect to Demon at 46667]. I'm into src/usr.sbin now, please tell
me that's towards the end. :-)

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