FreeBSD: stressing 4.2 and Apache with ab

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Sat Dec 30 20:49:19 GMT 2000

On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 02:26:57AM +0000, Steven Fletcher wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Dec 2000 00:19:23 +0000 (GMT), L. Cranswick wrote:
> >   socket: "No buffer space available"
> Sounds (if I remember correctly) that you are running out of NMB
> clusters. Increase them (probably need to add the setting: options
> NMBCLUSTERS="10000") in your kernel config file, or possibly by sysctl
> (kern.ipc.nmbclusters)

Beware of setting the sysctl; you need to do it early.  There is a flag
in loader.conf to let you do this.  Look in /boot/default/loader.conf
and copy the line referencing nmbclusters to /boot/loader.conf
(uncommenting it, of course).

-Dom (saving kernel compiles)

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