FreeBSD: stressing 4.2 and Apache with ab (fwd)

Ben Smithurst ben at
Sat Dec 30 18:10:36 GMT 2000

L. Cranswick wrote:

> But when I do:
>   /usr/local/apache/bin/ab -n 10000 -c 1000
> I get:
>   Benchmarking (be patient)...
>     socket: Too many open files in system 
> And the FreeBSD consol/logs reports: /kernel: file: table is full
> /var/run/utmp: Too many open files in system.
> no memory for rx list, etc.
> Does this give suggestions on parameters to tweak 
> (just increase nmbclusters more) or am
> I asking too much from the system?

You need more file descriptors, probably on both the server side and the
client (ab) side.  The error is talking about the client side though...

ben at strontium:~$ sysctl -a | grep maxfile          
kern.maxfiles: 552
kern.maxfilesperproc: 552

I *think* just increasing those with sysctl -w might work, if not,
increase maxusers in your kernel config and recompile.  The formula
for determining maxfiles and maxproc and stuff from maxusers is in

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