FreeBSD: stressing 4.2 and Apache with ab

L. Cranswick L.M.D.Cranswick at
Sat Dec 30 00:19:23 GMT 2000

For stress testing a newly installed FreeBSD 4.2 system
with apache (primarily for webserving) - I am
using the "ab" program  that comes with apache.
(this is a default minimum FreeBSD install with 4.2 
and fresh compiled apache 1.3.14)

While also running an rsync job in the background:
Running AB in quick succession via the keyboard:

 ./ab -n 259 -c 250

First and second time running the above goes great and 
gives a quick result.  But on the third time I get :

   socket: "No buffer space available"

Waiting for a minutes or so seems to clear things up and
I can repeat this again. 

Is there any reason for the above?  What silliness might
I be doing to generate this?  This is not the
final production machine and is a used 300 MHz Pentium
with 128 Meg RAM and SCSI harddisk.  I am mainly interested
in showing all who may query why using FreeBSD over
other systems is a good idea -  and showing its robustness 
(as well as security and ease to administer).   Though 
I would have expected things to slow down rather than give me
the above type of response?  

Though I should note the odds of it getting the above type 
of load are very remote.

What are the optimum responses people are getting out
of ab and apache with FreeBSD - and are there any
tweaks for optimisting FreeBSD performance?



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