Installing 4.0-REL on an NCR (AT&T?) S10

Simon Griffiths simon.g at
Sat Dec 23 13:19:23 GMT 2000


Im trying to install 4.0-REL off the cd's onto an NCR S10 server.. Basic specs are,

PCI/EISA Bus (Urgh)
Kinda strange dec network card (SMC 9332DST) never heard of this one
On Board Scsi - Adaptec aic7820 SCSI adapter is what the kernel picks it up as..

Sorry not too sure what other info you need hardware wise, the scsi disks are seagate 2gb baracudas.. Problem is when it boots the
kernel as swapping around the kernel and mfsroot boot disks it then comes up with a message "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to
settle".  After 15 seconds not a great deal happens, after about 2 mins i then get Timedout SCB handled by another timeout.

Can any one offer any advice on where i go from here as i'm slightly stumped now.

Thanks in advance

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