Dominic Mitchell dom at
Thu Dec 21 09:04:31 GMT 2000

On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 01:53:06PM +0000, Mike Bristow wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 01:12:54PM +0000, Delroy Green wrote:
> > Are there any software available for FreeBSD to capture frames
> > (snapshots software) similarly to those for Windows.
> In X11? "xwd".
> Usage is roughly:
> 	bash$ xwd > my-x-window.xwd
> Your X cursor then becomes a "crosshair", which you put over the window
> you want to capture and click.
> xwd uses it's own file format; the gimp at least understands it.

The gimp can do screen shots too; check out the "Acquire" option.

Also, if you have it installed, xv will do the job.

Both of these are a little more flexible than plain "xwd".


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