Netscape DNS problem

Christiano Anderson anderson at
Sun Dec 17 19:37:34 GMT 2000


This is my first message to this list.

I have installed the FreeBSD 4.2 and currently running it. I have
noticed a problem with the Netscape to resolve names. The system can
resolve any name in the shell, I can ping any website and access it using
Lynx but when I try to use the Netscape, i get the following error:

"Warning: the following hosts are unknown:

This means that some or all hosts will be unreachable.

Parhaps there is a problem with your name server? IF your site must use a
non-root name server, you will need to set the $SOCKS_NS environment
variable to point at the appropriate nameserver. It may (or may not) be
necessary to set this variable, or the SOCKS host preference, to the IP
address of the host in question rather than its name.

Consult your system administrator." 

Have anyone got this problem? 

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Christiano Anderson

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