PCMCIA card configuration

Josef Karthauser joe at tao.org.uk
Sun Dec 17 12:43:28 GMT 2000

On Sat, Dec 16, 2000 at 02:46:49PM +0000, Jonathan Belson wrote:
> Hiya
> I'm trying to set up a laptop to use two Xircom CreditCard 10/100
> cards...the first one is recognised and set up,
> but the second causes pccardd to spit out the message
> "No free configuration for card Xircom"
> >From rummaging around in the config files it appears that
> pccardd should be able to cope with multiple instances of
> the same card.

Try asking on mobile at freebsd.org.  They'll have a pretty good idea
there - and you'll probably get Warner's ear if nothing else.

> Any clues on how to fix this?  To make it slightly more
> awkward the laptop doesn't have a scroll lock key, meaning
> that I can't scroll back to see the messages that are
> spewed during boot.

% dmesg | less
% less /var/log/messages

You'll probably get the debug output in one or both of those places.


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