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Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
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Subject: freebsd admin skills - free space
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Hi all,
we are looking for some help administering our first
webserver/perl/mysql/apache box. If anybody is interested in giving admin
advice and help they can have some free space to host a project. The server
is colocated in the US with fairly high specs (raid disk system, dual cpu -
p3 800, 500mb ram) We are using it to host the applications we develop for
our customers mainly perl and mysql stuff but have not had much unix admin
experience. Ideally you will know freebsd and how to lock down the box and
general unix admin procedures. The enviroment will be private intially with
the possibility of offering 'pay per apache virtual host' type hosting
services later. Please contact me if anyone is interested,


John - Kr8

Neil C. Ford
neil at ourshack.com

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