ed1 timeout error

Ian Pallfreeman ip at mcc.ac.uk
Mon Dec 11 16:16:01 GMT 2000

>    I just added a second network card to my system. It is a d-link card, not
> sure on the model number or anything. Its pci. When i rebooted my system, i
> am getting errors like 
> ed1: device timeout
> I am running freebsd 4.1
> any ideas would be helpful

What have you got in your kernel config file?

Since it's a PCI card, it'll be plug-n-pray, so quite likely won't be at IRQ
10, which is where the GENERIC kernel wires it. I think you can get away with

	device	ed

rather than:

	device	ed0 at isa? port 0x280 irq 10 blah blah blah

for the PCI versions of most cards, and under FreeBSD 4.2 upwards. Not sure
about 4.1.

The other possibility is that you've told it to use the BNC port and plugged
into the UTP, or vice-versa. Run the DOS setup shite to tell the card which
transceiver to use.


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