DE201 jumpers anyone?

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Thu Dec 7 22:05:42 GMT 2000

I'm creating what must surely be one of the world's largest collections of
old and mostly useless ethernet cards. Amongst all the rubbish is the odd 
gem: this time it's a DEC DE201 AUI/UTP card. I've spent most of the evening
searching for jumper setting documentation, but Digital seem to have been
swallowed whole by Compaq... this is pretty hard to take for an ex-PDP10
man, as those of you familiar with early UNIX history will understand. 

Anyroad, before I digress into how we computing neanderthals used bits of
flint to build NAND gates, I'll ask the question: do any of you folks have
the jumper settings for a DE201, please?



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