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Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Mon Dec 4 21:00:13 GMT 2000

> >From the keyboard of Brian Somers:
> > Ok, I've looked into it a bit more, read the code in 
> > sys/i4b/layer4/i4b_l4.c where the error is generated, and mixed that 
> > together with a liberal bit of isdnd.rc(5).  The results have been 
> > committed to src/share/examples/ppp/isdnd.rc :-)
> > 
> > > I've suggested that this error message is bogus many times before and 
> > > have seen no aruments.
> > > 
> > > Hellmuth, would you object if I removed the message ?  I believe the 
> > > below values are pretty sane in reality.
> I'm sorry for reacting so late.
> I don't think the message should be removed: instead, users using an idle
> timeout are required to understand what they are doing and configure 
> isdnd.rc in an appropriate way - otherwise there is a good chance that 
> idle timeout is not working and you get charged by your telco possibly 
> much more money than you normally would.
> The most difficult problem arises when one has different charging rates
> and the idle time windows start to overlap whan changing from one time
> to another: Either this messages comes in this situation or if the user
> configures it wrong at startup time. At the time i wrote that code i had
> no (relatively simple) idea of a way how to dynamically recalculate the
> different windows participation in the earlyhangup time window length.

I completely agree (and sorry for my delay - my telco decided to 
break my connection for the last few days).  This is what I 
eventually figured out when I read the documentation :-)

My original src/share/examples/ppp/isdnd.rc had an abused 
unitlengthsrc value (set to ``rate'' with an invalid rates file), and 
I managed to spread my misconceptions...

Oh well, it's finally right now !


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