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Sat Dec 2 17:37:13 GMT 2000

At 12:30 pm +0000 2/12/00, Simon Kershaw wrote:
>Hi, I wonder of someone out there can give me a hint!


>Yesterday I managed to get the two machines to half-talk to each other
>-- I could ftp from each box to the other, but oddly nothing else would
>work, not ping, not telnet, not http.

Intriguing. If ping won't work then ftp shouldn't either...

>Today, however, even ftp doesn't
>work -- I don't think I've changed anything except that I've rebooted
>the Mac.

What network hardware are you using? (UTP/BNC...) One thing to 
remember is that the mac will detect the presence of ethernet and 
switch appletalk to it if it's there & you have asked it to. 
Otherwise it will switch appletalk to the serial/modem port each 
time. If you have UTP, make sure the hub is switched on before the 
mac. If you are using a twisted UTP cable port to port or are using 
BNC make sure the unix box is up first.

Once you've made sure that appletalk is set to use the ethernet port, 
then -- provided netatalk started properly -- you can see your server 
in the chooser and they comunicate with ethertalk rather than tcp/ip.

The difficulties you have with tcp/ip are more awkward to diagnose 
from the info you give. Make sure that tcp/ip or mactcp are set to 
use the ethernet port, have the same netmask, and the router address 
is set correctly. I'd recommend running "named" on the server since 
I've had nothing but trouble with hosts files on the mac. It's fairly 
trivial to set named to be authoritative for your LAN while 
forwarding non-LAN requests to the ntl nameservers.

Incidentally, I'd also recommend using the nat deny_incoming switch 
on PPP to protect your LAN from the Internet.

All the best,

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