freebsd & netatalk & natd etc

Simon Kershaw simon at
Sat Dec 2 12:30:58 GMT 2000

Hi, I wonder of someone out there can give me a hint!

I have a FreeBSD machine which I have been using for a couple of months.
It's running FreeBSD 4.0. I have it successfully connecting to the net
(NTLWorld) using user PPP and an external modem. No problem.

One of my aims is to use this box as a gateway for a small LAN of Macs
and Windows, and at the moment I am trying to talk to the Mac (this is
an old Mac Performa 630 running MacOS 7.5.1, and lots of data that I
want to get onto my file server!). I have enabled Netatalk in the kernel
(and rebuilt) and installed netatalk (atalkd and afpd). I have set up an
/etc/hosts file with 192.168.1.x addresses for each box, corresponding
to the IP addresses configured in /etc/rc.conf and MacTCP respectively.

Yesterday I managed to get the two machines to half-talk to each other
-- I could ftp from each box to the other, but oddly nothing else would
work, not ping, not telnet, not http. Today, however, even ftp doesn't
work -- I don't think I've changed anything except that I've rebooted
the Mac.

I would welcome any suggestions for getting this setup to work. I have
consulted The Complete FreeBSD, the BSD Handbook, the Pedantic PPP
Primer, and some other docs, already, and so far as I can se I am doing
what they suggest.

Please cc replies to me as -- I read the list in digest form, so cc-ing
them wil mean I get to read them sooner.

Thanks for any pointers.

Simon Kershaw
simon at
Cambridge, England

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