Double Head Video and FreBSD

dan.c dan at
Fri Dec 1 15:14:34 GMT 2000

Hi David

Hmm has the same setup as you (2 3dfx cards)
the problem is that there is a bug somewhere in Xfree or 3dfx that means you 
wont be able to run Dualhead with those two cards

my fix was to get a cheap tnt riva , and all worked okay

Let me know if you need any more help though!

>===== Original Message From David Dooley <dpd at> =====
>I am trying to configure a desktop PC that has two 3dfx video cards in it. 
>is a Voodoo 3000 PCI and the other is a Voodoo 3500 AGP TV card.
>1. Is it possible to get X to work with 2 video cards.
>2. Are these 3dfx video cards supported in anything but a generic VGA mode.
>SuperProbe only reports an unknown Generic VGA card.
>I am trying to do this on FreeBSD 4.2 - Stable as of 1 week ago. The system 
>a Intel P3 600MHz with 224 Meg ram and lots of other goodies that I'll try 
>get to work later.
>Thanks for your time.
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