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Nik Clayton nik at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 31 17:00:59 BST 2000


On Fri, Aug 18, 2000 at 02:04:02PM +0100, Paul Civati wrote:
> Nik Clayton <nik at bsdi.com> wrote:
> > Every now and then BSDi are going to want to know how the wider user 
> > community perceives things.  For example, how useful do people think
> > it is that they can get hardware from BSDi as well as the software to
> > run on it, that sort of thing.
> I would like to see a 'recommended hardware' kind of thing, listing
> components that are known to work particularly well, and complete
> configurations known to work well for certain applications.
> But maybe BSDI already have that kind of thing.

Hmm, odd.  This sorted incorrectly in Mutt for some reason, and I've only
just seen it.

For hardware that's going to work right off the mark, take a look at 

If you're looking for a 'parts list' of compatible bits and pieces then
you've got a couple of options, depending on whether it's FreeBSD or

For FreeBSD, take a look at the HARDWARE.TXT file that comes with each 
release.  You can find the most recent copy in the CVS repository, and
you can get to that via the website at


You can also check the Handbook section, at


which contains some sample configurations, and hardware lists.  Of the
two, HARDWARE.TXT is likely to be more up to date.

For BSD/OS, haul over to 


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