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Paul Fletcher paul at
Thu Aug 31 01:05:31 BST 2000

Yeah I did wonder about the airport, Ive never been to it but as you say,
I've got the impression that its not up to a lot... As for the location,
there was the mention somewhere in this thread about universities, Sheffield
has two (I'm at Hallam studying software engineering..) If we decide to
flock to Sheffield then I've got no problems lending a hand working out
places to stay, prices for the conferance etc. Just give me a shout...

Following the thread, (hoping this wont turn into an olympic-style
"We'll-host-it" bidding ground)


-Paul :-)

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Paul Fletcher wrote:

> oh, and just to confuse matters on the location front, hows about
> Sheffield?

Gets my vote. :-)

> No particular reason other than its as easy to get to as anywhere else
> and I live there...

I don't think the airport here in Sheffield is up to much, so it might
not be as easy to get to for anyone coming from abroad, though I suppose
we can argue that it's near enough to both Manchester and Leeds airport
for that not to matter. :-)

Did you have any particular venue in mind?  I wouldn't know where to
start looking.

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