NUT - UPS Monitoring software

Nik Clayton nik at
Wed Aug 30 15:38:14 BST 2000

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 01:18:45PM +0100, Simon Clayton wrote:
> Has anyone used this.  I have done the make install and got lots of lovely
> programs in /usr/local/sbin (upsd/upsc/upsmon/etc) but I cannot find out how
> to make the damn thing work.
> I have look around both the FreeBSD site and the NUT site with no luck,
> there are no man pages, and despite editing and renaming the upsd.conf etc
> files I cannot get it working.  It just says that the data for the UPS is
> stale.  I have an APC SmartUPS 700 on com1.

If you're talking about ports/sysutils/upsmon then that should work out of
the box on a SmartUPS 700.  

If you're talking about (ports/sysutils/nut/)
then I can't help I'm afraid.

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