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Wed Aug 30 13:44:42 BST 2000

At 12:09 pm +0100 30/8/00, David Richards wrote:
>    I have two network cards in a machine. ed1 is connect to the main network
>and ed0 connected to a test network. how can i add routes to ed0 so that it
>will pass all traffic over to ed1 and the other way around? so in theory. i
>should be able to logon to the test network and ping etc... any workstation
>on the main network and the other way around too?

Providing your host has 'gateway_enable="YES"' in its /etc/rc.conf it 
will know to pass traffic between its network interfaces.

	        subnet 1                           subnet 2
	Host A -------------[ ed1  Gateway  ed0 ]-------------- Host B

The issue here is not the gateway but the machines on either network. 
Host A needs to know that the gateway to subnet 2 is the IP address 
of ed1. many sites use the RIP route discovery daemon 'routed' to 
propagate IP routes. You'd need to check with your main network 
administrator before running it though. Alternatively you need to 
manually wire the routes from Hosts A & B using

	'route add -net <remote subnet> <ip address of gateway iface 
on this subnet>'

If Host A and B are Windows PCs or Macintoshes you'll have to set up 
the routes using control panels, or introduce yourself do the 
delights of BOOTP/DHCP :*)

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