ISDN PPP for Dummies!

Tom Hukins tom at
Tue Aug 29 22:23:37 BST 2000

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 01:56:48PM +0100, Steve Roome wrote:
> I've recently helped someone set up ISDN with one of the newer PCI
> cards, but I really think i4b is still too harder than getting
> something like a courier I-modem. Those little isdn modems are not
> that much more expensive than the cards, plug into a com port and
> function exactly like a normal modem. AT commands and all.

I don't have any experience with ISDN modems but I'd agree that i4b
is a little fiddly to get working with userland ppp.

At work, I've got a dial-on-demand system working with a Fritz PCI,
but I had to spend a day or so playing with the configuration before
I got to grips with it.  I'm privileged(?) enough to work with
someone who was fairly involved with developing the UK ISDN standard
at BT, which I find helpful as I'm not a telecoms person, but I'd
still say that i4b is tricky to setup.

Basically, a brief investigation of sppp gave me the impression it
wouldn't meet our needs, and getting ppp to work with ISDN required
considerably more effort than to get it working with a modem.

However, once I got everything right it worked fine, and I now know
a little more about the telecoms side of things.


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