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Tue Aug 29 19:56:34 BST 2000

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 07:44:58PM +0100, Paul Fletcher wrote:
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> >OK, before Roger flames me, he already suggested this (I just read the
> >posts out of order).
> >
> >Now I'm out of ideas, unless
> >"pan-European FreeBSD beer and curry (long) weekend" appeals to anyone.
> >
> >[ducks and runs]
> Well, thats eyecatching with the words "Free" and "Beer" so close together,
> a bit of a tongue twister though :)

Not as bad as: The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick

> Certainly count me in. "BSDCon Europe" I think is the best title, oh, and
> just to confuse matters on the location front, hows about Sheffield? No
> particular reason other than its as easy to get to as anywhere else and I
> live there...

Well, whatever we call it (and my vote's with BSDCon Europe as well)
and wherever it's held once these are decided we need to get an
official event T-shirt designed/printed, yes?

Anyone know anything and/or have contacts in that field?

> ...lazy? me?

Yes ;)

> -Paul
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