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Lee Johnston lee at
Sun Aug 27 13:06:19 BST 2000

Hi Mark,

The problem with Newcastle is that we hosted a meeting up here a few months



> What about Newcastle? We have good links to places by ferry and air. For 
> shopping there is the Metrocenter and Eldon Square. We are also not far 
> from Edinburgh.
>  has ferries from Amsterdam, Ijmuiden, 
> Gothenburg & Kristiansand direct, with links to other ports including 
> Hamburg via Harwich.
> has ferries from Stavanger, Haugesund & Bergen.
>  is another one.
> has details of destinations, although it 
> only lists Florida, I have flown from LA there.
> It's easier to get around than London, just tell Americans it's in Scotland 
> (as is anything other than London ;-) The Metro links the airport, and the 
> ferry is not far from one. We also have the Bigg Market, number one party 
> spot (not that I visit, being a boring old fart) which is akin to Ibiza on 
> the Tyne (this is good or bad, depending on marital status). Guest houses 
> are cheap and easy to get to, as are good hotels, and all are cheaper than 
> their southern counterparts.
> There are two Universities in the city center, Newcastle and Northumbria. 
> Also Newcastle College (again in the center), North Tyneside, Gateshead, 
> Cullercoats & South Tyneside all within easy reach by the metro.
> Of course I may be biased, but after living around the UK and Bahamas, I 
> still think Newcastle is just the right size, big enough to be a city with 
> everything I need, and small enough to get around easily.
> Edinburgh is also a nice spot, but has a few too many beggars. Manchester, 
> ugh, I lived in Bolton, worked in Burnley.... I Liked Bolton, but 
> Manchester is a dreadfull city. London is expensive and big, not to mention 
> a pain in the butt to get around in. I have to reserve judgement on Brum, I 
> have only driven through it (However, it is *south* of the Tyne :-).
> All in all, if you want it done on a budget, including cost for attendees, 
> Newcastle is my suggestion (but I say again, I am biased).
> Cheers, Mark.
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