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Mark Berry mark at
Sun Aug 27 13:03:27 BST 2000

>As for venue, an International Airport near by is
>very important.
>London, Manchester and Birmingham all spring to mind.
>Foreigners may want a London venue, as BSD users can
>bring their wives over and send them shopping in the
>well known London shopping areas.

What about Newcastle? We have good links to places by ferry and air. For 
shopping there is the Metrocenter and Eldon Square. We are also not far 
from Edinburgh.  has ferries from Amsterdam, Ijmuiden, 
Gothenburg & Kristiansand direct, with links to other ports including 
Hamburg via Harwich. has ferries from Stavanger, Haugesund & Bergen.  is another one. has details of destinations, although it 
only lists Florida, I have flown from LA there.

It's easier to get around than London, just tell Americans it's in Scotland 
(as is anything other than London ;-) The Metro links the airport, and the 
ferry is not far from one. We also have the Bigg Market, number one party 
spot (not that I visit, being a boring old fart) which is akin to Ibiza on 
the Tyne (this is good or bad, depending on marital status). Guest houses 
are cheap and easy to get to, as are good hotels, and all are cheaper than 
their southern counterparts.

There are two Universities in the city center, Newcastle and Northumbria. 
Also Newcastle College (again in the center), North Tyneside, Gateshead, 
Cullercoats & South Tyneside all within easy reach by the metro.

Of course I may be biased, but after living around the UK and Bahamas, I 
still think Newcastle is just the right size, big enough to be a city with 
everything I need, and small enough to get around easily.

Edinburgh is also a nice spot, but has a few too many beggars. Manchester, 
ugh, I lived in Bolton, worked in Burnley.... I Liked Bolton, but 
Manchester is a dreadfull city. London is expensive and big, not to mention 
a pain in the butt to get around in. I have to reserve judgement on Brum, I 
have only driven through it (However, it is *south* of the Tyne :-).

All in all, if you want it done on a budget, including cost for attendees, 
Newcastle is my suggestion (but I say again, I am biased).

Cheers, Mark.


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