Neil Hoggarth njh at
Sat Aug 26 09:20:56 BST 2000

On Fri, 25 Aug 100 zzptmra at wrote:

> I want to use a SoundBlaster16Vibra PnP under FreeBSD 4.1 .
> Is it possible to get it running ? And if so, how ?

In my (3.4-RELEASE) kernel config I have

controller      pnp0                    # PnP support for ISA


device		pcm0

This resulted in a pcm1 device being identified at boot time, and
I then made the device files ("cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV snd1").

This works fine for me (though only playback - recording doesn't seem to
be supported with this card in 3.4).

The fine detail might vary depending on what version you are running, but
hopefully these are helpful pointers.


Neil Hoggarth.

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