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Fri Aug 25 21:28:08 BST 2000

I think it is an excellent reason. As the first of what is almost
certainly going to be an annual event build on the a consistent name
that works around the globe. In the US BSDCon in Europe BSDCon Europe
etc. BSDi and FreeBSD it's all BSD, see it at BSDCon! Now that's
something the press and advertisers can work with, building brand


Ben Smithurst wrote:
> Mark Ovens wrote:
> >> How about BSDCon Europe?
> >
> > OK, before Roger flames me, he already suggested this (I just read the
> > posts out of order).
> I think this is the best option.  BSD EuroCon is sort of ok, but a lot
> of BSD users will probably be familiar with the name "BSDCon" so it's
> probably a good idea to include that. ok, so it might be a rather poor
> reason, but nevermind.
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