Date for next conference

Roger Hardiman roger at
Fri Aug 25 13:14:24 BST 2000


> a full blown pan-European conference.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. May as well go
for a big conference.

Easter holidays sound good.

300 seats sounds good.
We got a big turn out at the Oxford meeting and that was
UK people on short notice. Add more UK people, the lure
of seminars, talks and presentations, the rest of Europe
and the numbers will rise.

>  some of the best developers are in Europe

Europe holds quite a few Core Team and lots of committers,
not including the userbase.

The conversion of the docs to other European
languages shows there is a user base.

As for venue, an International Airport near by is
very important.
London, Manchester and Birmingham all spring to mind.

Foreigners may want a London venue, as BSD users can
bring their wives over and send them shopping in the
well known London shopping areas.

So what will it be called?
  BSDCon - Europe

  Euro BSDCon

  BSDCon - UK


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