Date for next conference

Paul Richards paul at
Fri Aug 25 12:50:49 BST 2000

I've had a change of heart which is why things have been a bit quiet,
hope no-one minds.

There was a feeling from some people (myself included) that the weekend
before christmas wasn't a good time for a conference.

What I'm looking into now is a full blown pan-European conference. I'm
aiming for the Easter break (but not Easter weekend) when the
universities will be available again since they're good value for money.

Thinking about Thursday to Sunday, ending Sunday morning probably so
people can get home. A similar format to other conferences probably,
with paid for tutorials on Thursday/Friday and then an open conference
on the weekend.

It's likely to be somewhere with an airport and unfortunately is likely
to be more south than north so that people coming across on the
ferry/tunnel are not too far away.

I'm aiming for large numbers as well, target of 300. I'm hopeful that I
can get sponsorship from some big companies. I've spoken to some people
at O'Reilly and they'd certainly consider it, I'm sure BSDi would as
well and there's a long list of other big companies I'm planning to
contact. The YAPC guys have been very successful in getting sponsorship
and I think if we put the effort in we can achieve the same results.

I think that Europe's involvement is understated, some of the best
developers are in Europe and a large part of the user base is. Although
300 seems like a lot I think it's only a fraction of the number of
people that might want to attend.

It's also possible that some US folks will want to come as well since
they always like the opportunity to visit Europe.

Easter falls nicely in-between the US BSDCon and before the main US
conference season. It could become a regular fixture on the conference
agenda if we make a success of it.

What do people think? I should be at Brighton next weekend so we can
have an informal discussion about it then.


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