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Wed Aug 23 11:16:05 BST 2000

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 10:53:13AM +0100, David Richards wrote:
> NO. The Dns server has all the correct records for eurosoft-uk.com
> eurosoft-aus.com mpmaster-europe.com . the freebsd machine has the dns
> server on it and will become the gateway/ www server. I would like all the
> internal users to use that machine as the dns server. But from the testing i
> have been doing , when i use that server for dns ie to look up www.yahoo.com
> it cant find the record. I hope this helps a bit mor

If the internal DNS can't reach the outside world directly you
may wish to set it up as a forwarder to anothe DNS server:

sirius% more /etc/namedb/named.conf 
// $FreeBSD: src/etc/namedb/named.conf,v 2000/07/15 07:49:29 kris Exp $

options {
        directory "/etc/namedb";

        forward only;
        forwarders {

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