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Ben Smithurst ben at
Mon Aug 21 17:03:13 BST 2000

Martin Smith wrote:

> Just a few questions, having cvsup'd for a few weeks I did a successful
> make buildworld etc last weekend, obviously I will be continuing in future
> but do I need to remove the contents of /usr/sup before continuing

No.  If you do, your next cvsup will probably work but take a lot longer
than it should.

> and if I want to tweak the kernel in between times can I do it the
> time honoured fashion as previously

I think you're supposed to use the buildkernel/installkernel targets these
days.  Put


in /etc/make.conf, then you can just build and install a new kernel by doing

# cd /usr/src
# make buildkernel installkernel

Edit the kernel config by editing /sys/i386/conf/WHATEVER as before.
The old 'config FOO; cd ../../compile/FOO; make' method might still
work, though I'm not sure if it's "supported" any more.

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