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Nik Clayton nik at
Mon Aug 21 10:53:29 BST 2000

On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 10:11:24AM +0100, Neil Ford wrote:
> Apart from them, like Ben said BSDi are probably your best bet but I don't
> think they have a UK supply presence yet. I'm sure Nik will correct me if I'm
> worng.

Nope, Neil's right.  At the moment the systems are being imported from the
US.  Our Operations Director is sat behind me at the moment, working out the
best way to change this state of affairs.

FWIW, I went round the DN and other sites last week comparing prices for 
equivalent systems.  At the low end the BSDi hardware is a few hundred to 
a thousand dollars or so cheaper.  The higher the spec goes the better 
value the BSDi hardware is -- but then, you'd expect me to say that wouldn't
you :-)  That price differential might more than offset the extra hassle of
ordering through the US at the moment. . .

Internet connection, $19.95 a month.  Computer, $799.95.  Modem, $149.95.
Telephone line, $24.95 a month.  Software, free.  USENET transmission,
hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Thinking before posting, priceless.
Somethings in life you can't buy.  For everything else, there's MasterCard.
  -- Graham Reed, in the Scary Devil Monastery

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