Polling the community

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Fri Aug 18 14:04:02 BST 2000

Nik Clayton <nik at bsdi.com> wrote:

> Every now and then BSDi are going to want to know how the wider user 
> community perceives things.  For example, how useful do people think
> it is that they can get hardware from BSDi as well as the software to
> run on it, that sort of thing.

I would like to see a 'recommended hardware' kind of thing, listing
components that are known to work particularly well, and complete
configurations known to work well for certain applications.

But maybe BSDI already have that kind of thing.

> I'm (rightfully) very wary of doing anything like that straight to the
> mailing list -- I despise spam as much as the next man.  Of course, I
> could be being hypersensitive, so I'd like to know what other people
> think.

As it's more commercially orientated (BSDi) then perhaps best off list.


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