Firewalls, gateways etc...

David Richards davidr at
Thu Aug 17 16:16:22 BST 2000

    i was wondering, is it possible to write rules like with for my
firewall.I dont know the correct terms for writing it yet. I just need to
know if it is possible. oh please can you cc your answer to this address am
not subscribe to your  list here at work

all traffic coming in on on 25(mail port) gets sent to our
internal mail server
all local internal traffic on all ports gets sent on all ports ?
so this last rule. it would allow me to access irc/ icq / news etc...

i have a .fetchmailrc to collect mail for my domain. I had some problems
with it sending the mail to the correct local users.
I took that line out with allows the fetchmail to send the mail to the
correct users. could some one remind what that line is 


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