Newbie: Setting up PPP in 4.0 stable

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Aug 17 10:03:25 BST 2000

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000 09:19:43 +0100, Tony Balazs said:
>  Thanks again, Neil.  I will investigate the servers you mention.
>  Just to clarify one thing - Postfix (e.g.) would be used to download
>  and upload mail from/to the ISP; qpopper to distribute mail to/from 
>  the client PCs; is that right?
Yep, that is indeed correct. Postfix provides SMTP services and qpopper POP3.
The only complication comes if your ISP doesn't deliver mail by SMTP but rather
expects you to collect it via POP3, then you would have to add fetchmail to the
mix. However if I remember your original description correctly, that isn't an
issue in your case.

I did forget to mention however that all of these are available as ports
(/usr/ports/mail if you have the ports tree installed), which at least makes
installation a breeze.

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