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Roger Hardiman roger at cs.strath.ac.uk
Thu Aug 17 07:41:33 BST 2000

John Toon wrote:

> I don't think you need to; it's generally assumed that just about all
> ISA modems will work because they are proper modems and not WinModems.

Warning... there are ISA WinModems.
I have had access to a few over the years.

I think Motorola made an ISA WinModem Chipset.

So be carefull. Check the packaging for clues like
"Min Requirement P166 MMX". If it sounds too high
it may be a WinModem.
Hardware modems usually have Min Requiremet P75
which is really the min requirment of the bundled
fax and voice answering software included, but
come is lower than the 'Needs MMX' WinModem drivers.

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