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Rich Wood rich at
Wed Aug 16 20:18:28 BST 2000

On 16 Aug 2000, at 20:05, Paul Civati wrote:

> Paul Trippett <pjt at> wrote:
> > I wanted to change my login prompt under FreeBSD 3.5.1 
> ITYM 3.5, I can't see any evidence of a 3.5.1 release on the web
> site (or maybe you were thinking of some other o/s.. ;)

3.5.1 was a quiet release due to an update of the Kerberos code. 
There were no other changes from 3.5 should give 
more info. is strangely silent on the 
existance of a 3.5.1 release. Either that or the search engine is 
completely arsed.


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